DHS Jazz Choir presents “Places in the Heart”

By Emily Seropian
HUB Staff

An encore performance of Cabaret, presented by the DHS Jazz Choir, brought the crowd to its feet on several occasions. Held on Thursday, Feb. 18, the Jazz Choir and the Jazz Band came together to entertain those who couldn’t come to the sit-down dinner.

The theme this year was Places in the Heart. According to senior Bridget Egan, the theme is at discretion of the parents of the choir.

“This year they thought [the theme] was fitting because one of the shows was on Valentine’s Day,” Egan said.

The concert featured songs about love, heartache and friendship. The song selection varied in time periods, ranging from the World War II era to a song written in response to the events of Sept. 11. Although all of the acts brought about incredible enthusiasm from the audience, two performances brought them to their feet.

The last performance of the first act was a heartbreaking melody called Battle Hymn 2001. Sophomore Sierra Clark belted out her best, sending chills around the room. Also, the final act of the night, the Glee version of Somebody to Love, which was performed by the entire choir, showcased the individual talents of senior Julia Harris and junior Matthew Gibson. Mouths hung open as Harris and Gibson hit notes at seemingly impossible heights.

Although choral auditions begin on March 29, there are still quite a few performances occurring before the end of their season.

Feb. 27- Evening at the Coconut Grove

7p.m., DHS Multi-Purpose room

March 16, 23- East-West Choral Concerts

7 p.m., Brunelle Hall

June 5- Jazz-n-Pops

7:30 p.m., Brunelle Hall

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