God’s Country

By Harmen Kaur
HUB Staff

Three weeks of rehearsal will finally pay off for the 65 members playing a role in the next school play, God’s Country, put up by the drama department.

The play talks about a particular Nazi group and their discrimination towards Jewish individuals during the 1980s in North America. God’s Country will be shown in the Richard Brunelle Performing Arts Theatre Mar. 5-7 and Mar. 11-13 at 7 p.m.

Junior Roxanne McNally, who plays the role of a white supremacist, described the issues covered in the play as “mature themes” and feels the naming ambition of God’s Country is to display the prevalence of racism, even to this day.

Another character playing the role of a white supremacist is junior Clara Bonetti who views the production as an influential play debasing supremacy and racism. “I love everyone in the play and they are so amazing to work with” Bonetti said.

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