God’s Country

By Alana de Hinjosa
Hub Staff

DHS Drama Department’s “God’s Country” premiere weekend proved to be a successful showing, one Director Gwyneth Bruch hailed as the “best opening night I’ve ever had.” Considering that the cast had only 3 weeks to prepare and rehearse, the seriousness and intensity of the play was performed phenomenally, according to Assistant Director and senior Sterling Meltcher.

“Friday night went amazing […] for me it was the best opening show I’ve had,” Meltcher said.

Student actors staggered audiences with the language and intimidating sequences. Meltcher recalls the audience being “speechless after the first act…it was awesome.” Sophomore Karla Palomino, who played a small role in the play, believes the audiences reacted well to the performance as well.

“I think the adult audience really appreciated how the intensity of the play was acted out by teenagers,” she said.

However the plot proved to be a little confusing. This included the numerous scene changes, the unclear introduction to characters and the repeating trial case. Meltcher agreed, “it’s definitely a play that you have to see more than once” to understand.

The student’s performances made up for the puzzling sequence of events. Seniors Caleb Hampton, Arielle Deem, Zach Salk, and junior Dillard Brown are among the many impressive performances.
However it was thirteen-year-old Mathew Furie’s that really stunned audiences. Questions for the cast at the end of the plays continually consisted of questions geared towards the junior high student.

Meltcher encourages everyone to attend the final showings of the play later this week “it’s relatable to everyone. Everyone at some point has experienced racism, whether they were or are victims or perpetrators,” he said.

Showings will be this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8 for students and $12 for adults.

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