J.V. women volley to a win

By Genny Bennett
HUB correspondent

DHS women’s J.V volleyball prevailed on the home court due to aggressive play and a positive attitude during yesterday’s match against opponent Elk Grove High School.

Davis dominated in the first game, 25-10, not allowing any counter attack from Elk Grove. The second game was better for Elk Grove at 25-17 but Davis’ perfect league record was not marred as players won the day’ s match.

Although Elk Grove‚Äôs league record was only 0-2-0, while Davis was at 3-0, DHS coach Julie Crawford emphasized that ” [we] try to get better every match and don’t think about the other opponents too much. [We] just try to do our best and make less mistakes than the other team.”

Main setter, sophomore Stephanie Siu, opened the first game with a serve which was not returned by the Elk Grove defense. Several more serves were made by sophomore Molly Parsons as she led the team to a 6-2 lead.

“We were a better serving team today and we had a strong, aggressive offense which lead to the win,” J.V coach Crawford said.

Great smashes at the net throughout the first game by sophomores Lyndsay Chambers, Adriana Defty and Stephanie Siu advanced DHS’s score up to a strong lead, 16-6.

Elk Grove struggled to return hits but they made a few good blocks at the net helping the team to finish with 10 points. The game ended with a dramatic dive out of the court by an Elk Grove sophomore, but missed, allowing DHS to score the last needed point.

Starting the second game, sophomores Stephanie Siu, Kaley McGrew , Lyndsay Chambers , Brenna Perry, Alyssa Crary, and Molly Parsons flooded the court with great enthusiasm and energy.

“Overall, I think we played better than normal, though. We were all really into the game, both on and off the court,” Defty said post-game.

During the second half off the second game, the DHS women let up a little, giving room for Elk Grove to get into the game and rise to 12 points.

Setter Stephanie Siu provided the team with lots of good set-ups at the net which were backed up by strong offensive threat Lyndsay Chambers. Sophomore Adriana Defty pumped up the court with her positive attitude and love for the team as well as the game.

The Blue Devil women finished the game 25-17, exiting the court with a match victory.

Defty felt that the team, “really talked it up on the court, and backed each other up on every play. I feel like we always do better when have a lot of energy and talk to each other, which is something we did really well today. I also thought we did a great job at the net!”

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