Seniors find alternatives for school recommend source

By Nadia Masarweh
HUB correspondent

Kyla Morgan leaned against a graffitied wall near Putah Creek, wearing jeans and a wife beater. Bud Harmon, a Davis photographer, was taking her senior portraits. Morgan’s mother remembered, “He did a beautiful job. We were thrilled with [the] pictures.”

Morgan, a 2009 DHS graduate, took her senior portraits with Bud Harmon’s Fine Portraiture, a company different from that recommended by DHS. “We chose not to order [with Prestige, the DHS recommended company for our portraits to give out to the family,” said Susan, Morgan’s mother.

According to head counselor Courtenay Tessler, seniors have a choice between using Prestige, the company required for yearbook photos, or other photographers.

To add a personal touch, DHS senior Gigi Gilbert chose to hire interested friends as her photographers. And while Morgan also decided to go with a company unique from Prestige, her brother Justin decided to stick with the school recommendation. “His turned out great. [The other ones are] much more expensive, but it’s not just a generic picture. There’s something unique and special with each child,” Susan said.

Devon Rooney, a current senior at DHS, also decided on an outside company “I just found another company Enchanted Creation. It has more options and you can […] go outside.” Rooney found Enchanted Creation online and chose them because “they have a certain style on how they take their pictures, but they always look pretty.” Enchanted Creation also gives Rooney the option of wearing different outfits and using different places for her photographs. However, “they probably are going to cost a little more [than sticking to one outfit and one scene].”

Enchanted Images’ website says that a two hour session costs $65, while a 10 page storybook album package can cost up to $1,200.Bud Harmon’s Fine Portraiture’s prices are: $89 for one senior choice session and $119 for a “popular” woodbridge safari session.

The DHS yearbook uses Prestige, the company specified for senior portraits within Lifetouch. According to Prestige’s website, their largest package deal included 32 wallet sized pictures for $239.

According to a vice principal, Woodland High works with Collegiate Studios for senior portraits. Collegiate prices start at $130, according to their website.

Other companies which advertise senior portraits include Mark Warren Photography and Gotcha! Photos National Studios. The Mark Warren Photography website lists multiple choices for senior sessions. The longest session spans from four to six hours and costs $900. The Gotcha! Photos National Studios website lists prices for packaged deals, including a package which boasts seven different poses for $489.

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