Dance Team Do-Over

Mckenzie Seaton
HUB Entertainment Editor

Half way through the 2010 season, the DHS Dance Team is looking for a new recruit.

Come semester, senior Aly Tsui will graduate, leaving the dance team with one less performer.

“It’s really hard to choreograph a dance with an odd number of people so we need a replacement,” senior and dance team member Jenifer Palmer said.

Out of the 30 students that showed up for the informational meeting last week, only one
will be chosen.

The selected dancer will begin performing at the start of the 2010 basketball season.

“Were looking for someone that’s going to be dedicated to the team and bring something new,” senior and dancer Becca Talon said.

Dance team re-tryouts will take place from Nov. 15-19 and all current members will be the judges.

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