A haven for health food

By Caitlin Glassman
HUB In-Depth Editor

A paradise for health-food lovers full of fresh produce, hand painted murals, and smiling staff members clad in Hawaiian shirts has arrived in Davis, and its name is Trader Joes.

The much-anticipated small supermarket opened on Friday at the corner of Russell and Sycamore.

The opening was a huge success, according to crewmember Elisa Jacob. “It probably paid for this location,” she said.

With Trader Joes selling everything from detergent to apples, in addition to its location just a short walk from campus, it’s no wonder that the opening was a success.

The store exhibits a variety of unique, organic products such as pomegranate seeds and natural yogurt, in addition to mainstream products such as pizza, alcohol, and snacks.

Amazingly, these goods are cheaper than at other local supermarkets because Trader Joes cuts out the middle man and sells its own products.

This means that you cannot get your Lucky Charms or Diet Coke at the store, however. Its focus on health food decreases the number of mainstream options.

Junior Tess Williams supplements Trader Joes food with other products, such as produce from Co-Op, which she believes tastes better. She counts on Trader Joes for its frozen food selection and healthy snack foods.

Between the store’s community feel, commitment to health, and free samples at the tasting bar, Trader Joes is sure to satisfy the health-loving Davisites. Even the least health-conscious people will appreciate Trader Joes’ $2 bottles of wine and creamy organic milk chocolate bars.

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