Halloween through the ages

By Jordan Souza
HUB Features Editor

In high school, the big debate is what to do for Halloween. Go to a party? Trick-or treat? Stay at home for scary movies in the dark?

Senior Maria Walker is one of the many seniors who went out and partied on Saturday night.

“I went to Radcliffe Street and there was basically a party through the street. I went to a few houses with some friends,” Walker said.

Sophomore Jessie Mulholland also went to a party on Saturday night, but this time dressed as a nerd.

For her party, it was just as public and open as the one Walker attended. The party on Saturday night was advertised online on Facebook for anyone who wanted to attend. The only rule for this party though was there was no drinking or drugs allowed.

On Sunday Walker, Mulholland and senior Gupreet Kaur went trick-or-treating.

“I only went for like ten minutes before I realized I was way to old for it,” Walker said.

Kaur, like Walker, couldn’t bring herself to go door to door for candy any longer than Walker did.

Senior Sierra Preston however had a different experience trick-or-treating.

“Every other adult laughed and said ‘good for you’ when they saw us. They thought it was funny,” Preston said.

Brian de la Mora, a senior at DHS, didn’t go out and party or trick-or-treat. This die hard Giants fan stayed at home to watch the game.

As the years go by, it’s not just about looking like a cute princess either. Walker went through three costumes through the weekend while Mulholland had two. It’s getting more and more expensive, and the question of ‘how old is too old’ always arises around this time.

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