Asking Alexandria – Life Gone Wild Review

By Jenny Davisson
HUB correspondent

Asking Alexandria fails to deliver in their latest EP

For the end the year, European “metalcore” band Asking Alexandria released their follow-up to their debut album, Stand Up and Scream. For as their debut was a hit across the scenester population of the internet, and scored them headlining spots on tours across the world, this EP sends Asking Alexandria out with a bang , in a bad way.

The EP starts out with two Skid Row covers of “Youth Gone Wild”, and “18 and Life” which are attempts at diving into the genre of classic rock, where Asking Alexandria is certainly not supposed to be placed. Vocalist Danny Worsnop sounds as his vocals are being stretched from his low post-hardcore growls to a scratchy yells with softer instrumentals.

In the middle of this mess, there are two remixes of their prior album. One of them is a dubstep-ish track, with AA’s classic “GET ON YOUR KNEES!” and is the only almost song off of the EP that one could replay.

For the ending, the album ends with an actually new song, “Breathless” A decent breakdown mixed with forced vocals starts off the song, but the song then drags into a nasally chorus, with the song repeating “GET AWAY FROM ME!” and some confusing lyrical content.

Sadly, this entire EP sounds like something found in the garage sale bin of a complicate hipster. The hope of this album delivering a great follow-up and “new sound” has been lost, but not all is gone. Asking Alexandria plan to release a sophomore full-length next summer, so maybe they will take a crisper and cleaner approach.

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