City of Davis goes healthy

By Mike McTygue
HUB Correspondent–

Sorry kids, there will be no more 25 cent Jolly Ranchers or Airheads at your local pool anymore; they have been replaced by yogurt and granola bars.

Because of a recent proposition passed by the Davis City Council, all of the Davis pools and Playfields Park have chosen healthy alternatives over the usual candy and soft drinks.  This is a test year to try out the new healthy food and see how it works.

According to City Council members, they want to follow the new health incentives to try to provide a healthy alternative for pool goers. They want to set an example and show that healthy food can be good.

The food that was picked had to have a certain level of sugars, fats and salts. Originally fruit had too much sugar to make the cut, but it was added on later.

Some patrons are upset over the change of menu. “It’s good that they have healthy food and all, but it would be nice to have a choice in the matter. For the people who like healthy food it’s great, but that’s not everyone. Maybe a half and half menu would be best,” sophomore Patrick Zhu said.


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