Sacramento City College summer classes full

By Fernanda Castilla
HUB Correspondent–

Sacramento City College summer session classes are no longer available for enrollment, according to an e-mail sent by DHS counselors.

DHS head counselor Courtenay Tessler said SCC could only offer a certain amount of classes due to budgetary constraints. “High school students were lowest priority [for sign-ups]. Continuing college students and new college students were given first preference,” Tessler said.

Sophomore Anny Huang was hoping to take U.S. History over the summer but because the classes were full, she was left out. “I’m still holding on to a sliver of hope that maybe I’ll be able to get in if I show up on the first day of the course. When I had my appointment with the SCC counselor, she said that some of the teachers were lenient with the number of students they would take in, so if we showed up on the first day, it was possible that we would be allowed into the class,” Huang said.

Sophomore Kayla Robinson was also planning to take U.S. History over the summer.  “I don’t have to make any changes to my schedule [for next year] because my counselor suggested that I just create my schedule assuming that I won’t get into summer school,” Robinson said.

“We advised all students to sign up for the courses at DSHS. The majority of students did this. If not, they need to submit a pink change form which they can pick up from the counseling office,” Tessler said.

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