Malicious mischief increases with homecoming

By Lauren Blackwell,
Website Editor-in-Chief —

DHS students roam the streets of Davis late at night with arms full of toilet paper rolls during homecoming week. The trees become covered in a blizzard of white.

With homecoming week at DHS comes many traditions, one of which includes “TPing”.

TPing is the act of throwing rolls of toilet paper into the trees on a person’s property.

Students may think this is a harmless prank, but others do not share this viewpoint.

“The neighbors don’t think it’s a prank, they call it vandalism. The cops don’t think it’s a prank, they offer citations,” Principal Jacqueline Moore said.

Junior Patrick Zhu does not believe that TPing is an act of vandalism, but he does think that some students take it too far.

“It takes a lot of time to clean up and people who get TP’d usually get in trouble from their parents,” Zhu said.

Zhu thinks that it is OK for people to TP each other as long as they stick to traditional TPing. He believes that egging along with TPing is “messed up”, as well as a waste of eggs.

Moore believes that homecoming is about traditions and not about TPing.

“I’m all for you guys doing something crazy on that homecoming week, I challenge you to do it in a way that works for everyone,” Moore said.


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