‘Dolphin Tale’ makes a splash

By Grace Calhoun,
HUB Staff Writer–

Dolphin Tale was an extremely inspirational, semi-tear-jerking movie about Winter, the little dolphin that could.

Based on a true story, Dophin Tale recounts the story of Winter, who received amputation to her tail when a tragic crab trap accident cut off its blood supply. In order to survive, she had to learn to swim with a prosthetic fin, a venture deemed “hopeless” by many.

But Winter’s perpetual will to get better and swim again strikes your heart like a dagger, and soon you’ll find yourself deeply enthralled in her cause.

Personally, my emotions swayed with nervousness and hope as if I was actually one of Winter’s caretakers. And though I’m never a huge fan of 3-D effect, it worked well with the movie without being too over the top, I felt like I was really there.

Now, if you’re looking for an action packed thriller, Dolphin Tale will not satisfy. The movie moves at a slower pace in effort to accurately capture that true tale of Winter. But at the same time, the veracity of the story allows the audience to better connect with the characters and makes Winter’s tale that much more moving.

Winter trying to swim without a tail and learning to swim with a prosthetic fin sheds light on the millions of other rousing tales about people with disabilities and the remarkable ways they coped and overcame it all.

The movie is well done, and versatile in audience types/interests. You could go see Dolphin Tale with anyone: your family, yourself, a date, your friends, your enemies… Dolphin Tale will make anyone happy!

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