DHS women’s tennis defeats Franklin 8-1 to maintain winning-streak

 By Ben Baek,
HUB Correspondent–         

With a total sweep in the singles matches and only one doubles match lost, the DHS women’s varsity tennis team snagged an 8-1 victory against Franklin High School’s team to add to their pile of five wins.  With the sixth match of the season in the bag, the women’s varsity tennis team increases its winning-streak this season to 6-0.

 “We’re doing really well,” junior and DHS women’s varsity tennis player Ceci Cajandig said.  “We’ve won our past five games pretty easily.”

 Cajandig was third on the DHS team lineup of a total of five singles players who all won their matches 6-0, 6-0.

 “It’s not that unusual that we win our matches 6-0, 6-0; a lot of our matches turn out like that,” junior and doubles player Jasmin Mould said. 

Sally Hosley, coach of the DHS women’s varsity tennis team, also agrees that there is not enough competition in the team’s division. 

“There’s not much competition from other teams so it’s hard to gauge how much or if we’ve improved, but once we get to go against harder teams, we’ll see,” Hosley said.

“The roster was moved two spaces up last minute,” Cajandig said. 

Before the match started, Hosley set every player on the team roster two ranks higher to give lower ranking players a chance to play more experienced players from the other team.  The roster was also adjusted to accommodate the size of the Franklin team. 

“We usually have six singles matches and one or two more doubles matches, but the Franklin team is pretty small so they had to forfeit the sixth singles match,” Mould said.

 By securing and maintaining their undefeated record, the DHS women’s varsity team is taking steps to get to this season’s section championships.

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