JV volleyball dominates Laguna Creek

By Pavle Jeremic,
HUB Correspondent– 

The JV women’s volleyball team played a hard and fast game.  Sophomore Zoe Hunt-Murray served up score after score and freshman Makena Sherwood beat back Laguna Creek.

 DHS won in two sets.  “We played really hard through the entire thing,” sophomore Jennifer Blanc said.

The DHS JV team has been destroying this season, having won all of its previous 6 games

“We have three games left, and we are undefeated right now, so were trying to stay undefeated,” Blanc said.

The team started off the match strong, with Hunt-Murray serving over 10 times and scoring several points; Laguna Creek didn’t keep it together with a fumble and one of the returns hitting the net. 

The teams were unevenly matched, with DHS going on the offensive, with stunning serves, while Laguna Creek scrambled to defend.

Blanc defended the ball and Laguna creek returned but hit the net again. The sets were filled with small errors as Laguna creek tried to get it together.

Sherwood scored a large number of points during her serve, during the second set, and was only stopped when her shot accidentally hit the net.

DHS team member sophomore Julia Fisk served 4 times; once, Laguna hit the net, and twice it missed the ball entirely, with the ball skimming over their wrists.

DHS serving was above par; according to sophomore Emily Paciulla, “normally our serves are a bit iffy, but we played well today” 

DHS JV women’s volleyball now has 7 victories under its belt, only three more to go.

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