DHS women’s JV basketball outlasts Armijo 47-71

Head coach Kalyca Seabrook gives her team words of wisdom during the women's JV basketball team's 47-41 win over Armijo.

By Madison Newton,

HUB Correspondent–

DHS women’s JV basketball defeated the Armijo High School Indians 47-41 on Dec. 13 at “The Cage”.

Armijo was first to score, starting things off dismal for the Devils.

With a quick comeback, freshman Sarah Bloise made the first basket for DHS.

The Blue Devils considerable height advantage over Armijo and freshman Katherine Grahn’s swift buzzer-beater contributed to an 11-9 lead at the end of the first quarter.

During the second quarter DHS gained a 10 point lead over the Indians and held on to their lead until the final whistle.

Armijo attempted a comeback with 55 seconds remaining, fouling DHS in order to buy some more time. However, a failed two-pointer by the Indians and a DHS field block left the Devils with the win.

DHS finished with pride with a six point final lead and smiling faces.

Despite the win, according to sophomore Lydia Gegan, “we need to work on our rebounds, they were our biggest weakness.”

“I think we played really well tonight since we’ve never played the other team before, but I think we could have done better,” sophomore Maya Lopez-Ichikawa said.

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