Mission: Impossible is Mission: Successful

By Madison Newton,
HUB Correspondent–

“Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol” sure made it possible to attract viewers to the fourth installment of the series.

Director Brad Bird has soared to new heights from his previous flick, “Ratatouille,” with this slick and fast-paced action thriller.

The film stars Tom Cruise as the notorious Ethan Hunt, who is placed under ghost protocol after the IMS is falsely accused of bombing the Kremlin. Ethan works with his team to clear the IMS’ name and uncover the real culprit.

The chemistry between Hunt and his team is like an actual chemistry class— complicated, but it works.

But what really grabs the audience’s attention is the death-defying scenes such as Ethan’s climb on the world’s tallest building using only grip gloves to aid him. When one glove malfunctions, the rest of his climb will leave your hands clasped to the armrest and your eyes unable to blink.

When he leaps like a leopard in hopes of landing in an open window, it’s as suspenseful as the last minute of an American Idol season finale.

What’s even more awing is the fact that Cruise performed the stunt himself—with the aid of wires, of course.

Although the plot is not exactly prominent in the film, it’s the fast-paced action and familiar lines from the film’s forerunners that make it interesting.

Bird has managed to hatch a suspenseful and thrilling film that is sure to end up in many home DVD players.

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