Devils defeated despite solid defense

By Chris Garrison,
HUB Correspondent–


The Franklin Wildcats beat out the DHS Womens’ Varsity Basketball team last night with a final score of 38 to 51. The Devils played hard defensively, with a total of 17 defensive rebounds. Junior Ashleigh Vandenbrink carried the team in this respect, singlehandedly accounting for 11 of the rebounds. Vandenbrink and junior Becca Hassid both scored three-pointers.

Vandenbrink won the jumpball at the beginning of the first quarter, but the Wildcats quickly took possession and scored. The Devils followed on the Wildcats’ coattails throughout the quarter, ending up four points behind at the end of the quarter.

Franklin managed to score twice at the beginning of the second quarter before Davis took possession of the ball. Senior Sara Sousa closed the quarter with a three pointer, but the Devils were still behind. Sousa and freshman Emma Stenz managed to score during the third quarter.

The Devils entered the fourth quarter strong, with junior Maya Tarasenko scoring within the first 15 seconds. With only five seconds left in the game, Vandenbrink grabbed a rebound which she promptly fired to sophomore Kaitlin Vasquez, who sank a shot as the buzzer blared.

“Vandenbrink played her heart out. She did great at the rebounds,” said head coach Karen Foster, “Rebounds are key.”





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