Schools vs. community service

By David Andrade,
HUB Correspodent–

Teen students have a lot of work that they need to do. They have to do house work, school work, and train for sports and sometimes they need to have time to do community service. The stress can build up and students wonder whether they really care about community service. Some students will just stop there and not continue while other students will push themselves to help out with the community.

” School can be a lot of work sometimes and with the parent wanting me to make straight As I don’t always have time for community service,” sophomore Robin Hansen said. She wants to be able to help out, but she never has the time. She has to work on school and the martial art classes that she has been taking.

“Being on the Track team and doing AYSO keeps me busy at night but, when you add school into the equation I have very little time to do anything,” sophomore Eva Dicker said.

Mindy Romero believes the amount of things that a student needs to do can be a lot of work, and they can be balancing many things that people may not know about.

Being a part of the community can be a big deal and lots of people talk about it but not everyone can do it.

“Community service is a lot of work and I can barely do three hours a week,”  Ali Senior said.

All three students agree that they feel more pressure to do community service than they need or want to do it. With the workloads that they already have, doing school work and community service can be near impossible.

“Not all people think that community service is a good thing. You can get laughed at if people find out about it,” Hansen said.

Hansen believes that even more students don’t want to do community service because it can be seen as stupid or something that gets in the way of having time with friends. It can be seen as a complete waste of time when you could be doing other things that is seen as more entertaining.

“My parents want me to be active in the community and push me to do community service but then it feels more like a chore and is no longer fun for me. I want to be able to do community service because it is something I volunteered for.” Dicker said.

Most kids spend their day doing two things. They are either sleeping after a long day of work or they are attending school. On average a high school students gets 8 hours of sleep a night and about 10 hours of school a day. In total that is 19 hours which leaves the other 5 hours to eat and do what any teen does in the day.

“Some days I am rushing to do everything that I planned to do, and yet it seems like I don’t have enough time to get everything done in one day. Summer Vacation is nice because then school is out of the way and I am free to do more things that I want to do,” Hansen said.

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