Students plan for pranks for April

By Ben Baek,
HUB Correspondent–

As the month of March slowly comes to an end, some DHS students are eagerly awaiting and preparing for the first day of April.  But unlike the beginnings of other months, the first day of April is special; it’s April Fool’s Day.

With this day in mind, some students are concocting plans in their minds for their most ingenious pranks yet, while others are going for the simple alternative of a whoopee cushion or a toothpaste-filled Oreo.  April Fool’s Day is not a day celebrated by all, but for those who do, the pranks and tricks have become a sort of tradition and something that they look forward to each year.

Junior Dale Shafer has participated in the April Fool’s antics with his younger brother, James, ever since they could remember.

“Me and James have been waking up to whoopee cushions in our pillows and foghorns by our ears on April Fool’s since forever,” Shafer said.  “It’s almost like Christmas morning to us now, but instead of presents, we get something a little more interesting!”

Whether it’s a simple plot with a whoopee cushion under a friend’s seat or a grand scheme for the prank of the century, April Fool’s Day plans will all have one thing in common: the ending statement of “April Fools!”


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