Men’s varsity lacrosse team defeats Jesuit on record-breaking night

By Micaela Everitt,
HUB Correspondent–

With a record of 632 cheering fans, the men’s varsity lacrosse team improved their record to 12-0 with a win over the Jesuit Marauders. The Devils trumped Jesuit 6-5 on March 31.

With two quick goals it looked like Jesuit would tarnish the team’s record in just the first few minutes. The Devils fought back with goals from Kevin Willefert, and valuable teamwork from Willie Hawkins and Daniel Rowen. The score was 2-3 by the end of the half.

The first half did not demonstrate the teams’ usual determination, according to Hawkins “We lacked focus, but found it again in the last half,” he said.

Kev9in Klezendorf powered through the disappointment of the first half to tie the game.

Darting around the net, Hawkins and Rowen continued to work together to take the lead for the first time with a score of 4-3.

Jesuit fought back, compelled to emerge victorious. It did not look good for the Blue Devils with six minutes left in the fourth quarter, one point behind.

Willefert stifled the rivals’ streak, with his second goal of the night, tying the game. The varsity team had their confidence back.

Mikie Schlosser grabbed the win with an impressive shot in the last three minutes, just enough time for the team to hold off the Marauders.

The undefeated men’s varsity lacrosse team will play again on April 3.

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