Students unhappy about a weekend April Fools’ Day

By Micaela Everitt,
HUB Correspondent–

It is a day filled with fake spiders, confetti and toothpaste. Sophomore Katie Werner woke up like any other morning, and walked downstairs for breakfast. To her surprise, her brother had planted a fake spider in the cereal. it was definitely April 1.

Many students were disappointed that April Fools’ Day fell on a weekend this year. “I wanted it to be on a weekday so that i could see more people get pranked,” sophomore Lauren Postalwaite said.

“I still got people to laugh, but it would have been easier on a day we had school,” junior Ryan McDonald said.

Werner thought that there would be less chaos. “Kids had to go out of their way to play a joke on someone on Sunday,” Werner said.

Postalwaite thought that overall it was probably better to have April Fools’ Day on a weekend. “There won’t be any interruption of classes, and most pranks will be more private,” Postalwaite said.

Werner, Postalwaite and McDonald all agree that the low-key April Fools’ Day only gave them more time to prepare for April 1, 2013, which will occur on Monday

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