DHS students tumble and roll

By Madison Newton,
HUB Correspondent

A group of DHS students participated in City of Davis Gymnastics and Dance’s annual gym show on April 28.

The theme was Tumble Through the Tropics, with the eight students, who also  participated as coaches, dressed up as flamingos, turtles, mermaids, butterflies, lobsters and hula girls to match their students.

Each routine consisted of a two minute choreographed piece and two passes of tumbling. Coaches, such as senior Sianna de la Cruz, were responsible for learning the routine, as well as performing it alongside their students.

“I really liked doing it with the kids,” de la Cruz said. “Some of them forgot it and just stood there, but they’re young, so it just looked cute!”

DHS students also partook in the show as members of the gym’s teen class. It was sophomore Kazariel Angell’s first time in the gym show. “This was the first time the teens got to be in the show, so I was super excited,” Angell said. “We were mermaids and we all wore teal leggings and a bikini top over a nude shirt.”

While waiting to go on, Angell and the other teen class gymnasts snuck a peek at the younger gymnasts.

“We weren’t supposed to peek behind the curtain, so we all crowded around a window in the staff room and watched the little kids perform—they were so cute,” Angell said.

The teen class performed to the song “Island in the Sun” by Weezer and provoked the loudest cheers from the audience, due to their more advanced skills.

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