Senior Sunrise: Here comes the sun


By Nick Juanitas
HUB Staff Reporter–

At six in the morning on the first day of school, groups of weary eyed seniors filed by Athletic Director Dennis Foster into the football stadium.  Approximately 200 seniors were participating in the newest Davis High tradition, Senior Sunrise.

Student Government created Senior Sunrise last year as a way for the senior class to experience a sentimental moment together on the first day of school.  Approximately 30 seniors attended last years senior sunrise, compared to almost 200 this year.

Student Government member Rachel Smith credits the substantial boost in attendance to Student Government’s promotional efforts.

“Since last year was the first year it was put on, not many people knew it was happening,” Smith said. “So as it becomes more of a tradition and more well known throughout the school, more and more people will attend it every year.”

As students trickled into the stadium draped in blankets and backpacks, they were met with a variety of breakfast choices donated by Fluffy’s Donuts and Noah’s Bagels.

Music played as seniors reunited with classmates while they waited for the sun to peek over the distant trees. But the event wasn’t perfect, as some seniors didn’t believe it lived up to their expectations.

Senior Maia Polis believed that more planning should have gone into the event.

“I couldn’t really hear the music and I wish there had been a speech,” Polis said. “Also, it was way too short.”

Others liked kicking off their senior year surrounded by friends.

Senior Kian Bagheri attended the event not just to take pictures for yearbook but also to see his classmates.

“I went to senior sunrise because I wanted to start off senior year with all my friends,” Bagheri said. “I heard a lot of great things about it from last years seniors, so I felt like it would be the perfect way to start the year.”

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