Football team fights hard and falls, but looks ahead

Junior Brendan McDonald carries the ball down the field before getting tacked by the opposing team. The Blue Devils matched up against Yuba City for their first game of the season on Friday. (Lani Chang/HUB Photo)

By Kate Harris
HUB Staff Writer–

It’s a new school year and along with the hard classes, and seeing friends for the first time since last year, it’s once again the Blue Devil football season. Fans came out to support our JV and varsity teams as they faced Yuba City on Fri. Aug. 24, filling up most of the bleachers and cheering on the team.

Students show their support by painting letters in blue on their chests and cheering hard for the home team.

The Blue Devils lost 48-21 to Yuba City. Junior Ck Hicks had a diving catch in the first quarter, switching the momentum to the Blue Devils, but Yuba City stole the momentum pretty soon thereafter with a touchdown in the first quarter.

Yuba City kept it up with another two touchdowns in the second quarter.

Senior Grant Dickerson threw a pass to senior Kevin Sorensen who made it all the way to the 22-yard line but the Devils were unable to make it into anything more.

The cheerleaders and dance team brought up the half time, with the pep band finishing it. Yuba City gained two more touchdowns in the third quarter.

Wally Perez scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter for the Devils and Sorensen followed suit with one more. Yuba City came back though and scored one more, with the final score 48-21.

Sophomore Giuliana Salerno isn’t discouraged though. “I think the first game went alright, I was there for varsity and of course I wish they would have won but hopefully the season just gets better.”

“I come out to watch our team play and support them, and I know that they will improve as the season continues,” junior Ashley Dufresne said.

The Blue Devil football team has a full season ahead of them, and a school full of support to keep them on their game.

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