CSF registration continues for the second week

Davis High senior Kiki Tanaka waits in line with other students to sign up for CSF.
By Grace Calhoun
HUB Staff Writer–

A line of eager Davis High students spend their lunchtime patiently waiting in the room of Davis High’s social science teacher Fern O’Brien. Why? It’s registration time. For what? The California Scholarship Federation. According to its website, CSF “emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California high school students.” In other words, it’s a community service club. Among Davis High’s students, CSF is consistently one of the most popular clubs on campus.

Junior and year-long member Danielle Gantar joined CSF as a way to make friends and serve in the community, “I love helping out my town and CSF is a great way to do it” Gantar said. Besides being a fun way to log service hours, CSF has credential as being the oldest scholarship institution in California.

Another appeal of CSF is the warm atmosphere of the club members. Junior Daniel Rowan is another year-long member of CSF, “It’s pretty great. The people are cool,” Rowan said.

CSF registration will be taking place through Friday Sep. 23, and non-members are encouraged to join the club, permitting they meet the grade requirements. Any student interested in joining CSF can pick up a pink sheet located in O’Brien’s room to see if they qualify.

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