Volleyball jumps, hits, and dives for win

Two DHS volleyball players jump up to reject the incoming spike. The Blue Devil coasted to victory, winning all three sets.

By Ben Baek

HUB Staff Writer–

Energy was the word of the night at the DHS women’s varsity volleyball match against Yuba City. From the constant cheers and high-fives, it definitely seemed that way.
The DHS volleyball team jumped, hit, and dove for its win over Yuba City on Sept. 12, winning in straight sets, 25-19, 25-17, and 25-15.
DHS senior, Angelina Leigh saw this excitement during the match in her teammates. “Throughout the game the whole team just picked up energy,” she said.
Leigh also remembers when sophomore Mckenna Sherwood spiked the volleyball straight into one of the Yuba City players’ face.
“Mckenna just dumped it over and stuffed her straight in the face,” Leigh said.
Julie Crawford, the DHS women’s volleyball coach, however, thought the team could have brought more of the e-word into the game. “We did play up to the level to win, but we could have been a lot more intense,” she said.
But as much as the energy was spent on what was happening on the court, the DHS team is setting its sights farther. With a current 6-2 record for preseason games, the DHS women’s varsity volleyball team is focusing on making it into section championships.
“We definitely have a good chance at championships if we keep playing consistently,” sophomore Kimmy Siu said. “Our preseason lineup is a lot more difficult than the Delta Valley Conference so if we play well now, we’ll play even better at playoffs.”
According to Crawford, the DHS women’s varsity volleyball team was recently ranked 16th in the area by the Sacramento Bee.
Leigh also has high hopes for the team. “I really, really want to go this year because things are finally starting to come together for us and I’ve never gone in my three years of varsity,” she said. “We just have to go!”
With another preseason win, the DHS women’s varsity volleyball team is definitely on its way.

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