Senior class assembly introduces LEAD class

Senior Tori Powell walks into L-25, home to the LEAD: Learn, Educate, Advocate, Demonstrate class that strives to peer-mediate on campus.
By Emily Gao,
HUB Staff Writer–

At the annual Davis High senior class assembly, student government was not the only group introducing themselves to the new seniors. The newly formed LEAD: Learn, Educate, Advocate, Demonstrate class conducted an anti-bullying activity as a means to introduce the new program as well as to advocate for a better campus environment.

LEAD, taught by Spencer Elliott, aims to educate students —called “Community Advocates”—in being responsible for campus peer conflict resolution.

One of the Community Advocates, Stanley Njoku, describes the purpose as providing “a voice students can connect with [and] helping students when they can’t go to adults.”

During the assembly, the LEAD class carried out an activity, where students raised their hands when a statement about bullying applied to them.

The LEAD presenters performed two skits, showing what to do and what not to do when witnessing bullying, and two members also described their personal experiences.

The class emphasized that students who feel they cannot reach out to adults about a problem should either seek help from a Community Advocate or drop an anonymous note in the LEAD box in the school office.

In addition to the presentation of the peer-mediation class, the assembly in the IPAB included typical topics such an introduction to the new school year, the calendar of key Blue Devil events and student examples of pursuing victory with honor at sports games.

Principal Jacqui Moore also announced a recent student forum decision that final exams would be held before Winter Break, starting this school year.

Because the assembly was cut short due to lack of time, site council elections and senior class president Sugal Sutter’s final words for the senior class as they begin their final year were both not presented.

During his outro, Sutter wanted to talk about how important it is to participate in school sports and show Blue Devil pride.

“This is our last year of high school, make the best out of it. [Senior class vice-president] Kelly [Chuck] and I can make it fun, but you can make it better. #YOLO,” Sutter said.

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