Davis rebounds from Jesuit loss with win over Elk Grove

Davis High junior Paul Hinton moves the ball down the field during Davis win over Elk Grove.

By Cliff Djajapranata,

HUB website staff writer–

After a few missed shots in the first half, junior Paul Hinton controlled the ball on the field and put it into the back of the net. It’s the first goal scored in a game for the team after its 4-0 loss against Jesuit the previous weekend.

The DHS men’s varsity soccer team conquered Elk Grove in a 6-0 win on Oct. 9. Since the game was a league game, the match was a “must win” for the team according to varsity coach Alex Park.

However, the game also served as a morale booster for the Blue Devils after their defeat against the Marauders on Saturday night.

“Coming off the Jesuit defeat was tough,” senior Kian Bagheri said. “We moved the ball pretty well [this game, and] it’s a step in the right direction towards section titles.” Bagheri tallied two goals during the game with one of them assisted by fellow teammate Collin Holtz.

Hinton agreed with Bagheri, saying that this victory will give the Blue Devils more confidence as they tackle the rest of their league games until section playoffs in November.

This success will grant the Blue Devils a “little more motivation” according to Park who says the team has been performing well but not great this season.

The Blue Devils took a 2-0 lead at the end of the first half after sophomore DJ Villegas successfully converted a penalty kick.

Team captain Lee Leverrier did not play in the game due to an injury and illness. He was still there to support the team.

The Blue Devils also experimented with a new formation this game. It seemed to have worked better than previous tactics according to Hinton.

The point of soccer is to have fun, and the defense often doesn’t get much action according to Park. To fulfill Park’s belief in the purpose of soccer, the team switched it up by putting their defenders on offense.

The Blue Devils will take the field again this Thursday for a home game against Franklin.

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