A convincing victory for varsity volleyball

By Linda Su,

HUB staff writer–

The night was filled with determination, energy, and spirit from beginning to end at the DHS volleyball game against Elk Grove on Oct. 11.  The DHS women’s varsity volleyball team concluded the night with straight sets, 25-16, 25-22, and 25-6.

Although three players were unable to play this game, it did not prevent the team from trying its hardest. Jenifer Blanc tore her ACL and meniscus and Stephanie Siu was out because of a wrist injury that’s preventing her from playing the rest of the season. Emma Peterson sat on the bench and watched the team defeat Elk Grove, but could not play because of an illness.

The Blue Devils started the night strong, but their aggressiveness kicked in during the second half of the game. The team was trailing behind Elk Grove the whole second half, until they caught up three points before the end of the game.

The women’s varsity volleyball coach Julie Crawford thought the team did well focusing on themselves and what they needed to accomplish.

“It took us a while to serve tough, but once we focused on serving tough, we were able to dominate.” Crawford said.

According to junior Zoe Hunt Murray, the team did well serving and receiving.

“Our offense was also very good this game and that was something we worked hard on,” Murray said.

The Devils had their head in the game and did well diving, spiking, and serving the ball. “We played very consistently throughout the game,” Murray said.

“I thought we played aggressively, competitively, and offensive-minded,” Crawford said.



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