JV continues its domination in the league with a dominating win

By Aryan Maroufkhani,

HUB staff writer–

Dominating their league, JV destroyed Monterey trails with a stunning 11-0 victory on Oct. 23. With this impressive victory, JV nailed its place at the top of the league. They have a clean sheet, which means that they have not received any goals in the league.

Even though this game had no effect on JV’s place in the league, they did not slack in the game. They had the control of the game from the first minute. The ball was mostly rolling on Monterey’s side of the field as JV continued to attack.

It was indeed a rough day for Monterey but they did not give up and played their best until the last minute. “They fought hard and never lost their spirit,” JV Jason Del Porto said.

JV goalie Thomas Oide was the only person on the team who had yet to score a goal, finally scored one against Monterey Trail. He played forward in this game only to be the last person on JV to score a goal. “It is the rule of JV that everybody has to score,” midfielder Ben Stahl said.

JV players did a really good job in communicating with each other in this game. Most of the passes were accurate and the ball made it to the target. “We have been focusing on our communications a lot,” Stahl said.

The players also changed their positions every once in a while. According to the coach he moves the players around to have fun and to test their abilities. “It is fun to move the players around and see how they do,” Del Porto said.

Even though this game did not have any effect on JV’s place in the league, it strengthened their morale. “This game was a morale booster for our team,” Del Porto said. “It is fun to see smiles on the players’ faces.”

With a wonderful record of no losses, JV now goes on to play against Elk Grove on Thursday Oct. 25.

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