Davis High defeats St. Francis despite missing goalie

Hannah Musgrove,

HUB staff writer–

The women’s JV water polo team managed to crush their rivals St. Francis 11-6 in the match on Oct. 24 despite missing their starting goalie, Mattie Lilliedoll.

Due to the teams absent goalie they substituted their star shooter, Megan Flemling, to take over in the goal.

Flemling allowed only 6 of the many shots taken on her, including one penalty shot.

The team’s offense was also quite impressive as well scoring a goal in the first 7 seconds of the game, and then continuing to score another 7 in the first half.

Emma Stenz, who scored 2 of the 11 goals, had a very physical game with the St. Francis defender, pushing and shoving in an effort to get by and score against the St. Francis goalie.

Also Katie Van Deynze had a great game, making several breakaways along with 2 goals and 1 assist.

“Having a good defense and strong start, like that goal right at the beginning, since last time we played St. Francis we went into overtime and lost,” coach Ariel Freeney said when asked about the team strategy for this game.

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