Devastating loss dawn on devils

By Emily Kim,

HUB staff writer–

The Davis Blue Devils experienced a devastating loss to the Elk Grove Thundering Herd on  Nov. 2, with a close score of 17-10.

In the first quarter, the Thundering Herd made a field goal- the ball made it to the other side of the field but didn’t make a touchdown, giving the them three points, leaving the score at 3-0, Blue Devils.

The Blue Devils seemed to be doing well in the first quarter. Quarterback Kevin Sorenson managed to score the first touchdown of the game. After the extra point was converted, the devils led 7-3.

In the third quarter, there was an illegal action against Elk Grove. There was a time of judging by the referees. The game continued.

The beginning score of the fourth quarter was 10-10. After the Thundering Herd scored a touchdown and a field goal, the score was 17-10, Thundering Herd.

Within the last eight minutes, the Blue Devils were very close to a touchdown, but Sorenson was tackled, remaining still with the same score.

Many close touchdowns occurred, but within the last seven minutes, neither team made any touchdowns or field goals.

This game was the game that determined who would go to the playoffs. Elk Grove is ranked third in high school football teams so the players were disappointed but not discouraged.

“This team, they were number one in our section at the beginning of the season. They beat teams we lost to by 30, 40 points so the fact that we only lost be seven, we played a good game against a good team,” center and defensive tackle, Bray Harwood said.

Overall, the Blue Devils and the Thundering Herd both had good seasons.

“I think they played great, I mean, they played with so much heart, they exhibited double pride, Elk Grove is a very good football team, the reason they’re ranked number three in the section, I think there is nothing to be ashamed of,” Blue Devils’ head coach Steve Smyte said.

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