Juniors get creative asking dates to prom

Junior Meaghan Murphy opens her locker to find a bunch of lacrosse balls and a note saying “Sorry I didn’t have the balls to ask you in person. Would you care to join me on an adventure to Junior Prom?”
By Kira Furie,
HUB Staff  Writer–

With junior prom on its way, some of Davis High’s boys are stepping up their game and thinking of creative ways to ask girls to prom.

Senior Eliana Jolkovsky was asked to junior prom by sophomore Jeff Stark. He walked up to her in the parking lot after school, handed her a bouquet of flowers and asked her to go to prom with him.

“I had no idea that he was going to ask me like that, so I was surprised and really happy. I’m so excited. It’s going to be awesome,” Jolkovsky said.

According to Jolkovsky, it was a cute way to ask a girl to junior prom. “I mean, what girl wouldn’t want to get flowers from a guy?” she said.

Junior Chelsea Sacramento was also asked to prom in an “amazingly cute way.” He showed up at Davis High before school with Sacramento’s favorite drink—a Chai Latte from Nugget—with “PROM?” written on the cup, and a rose to top it all off.

“I was really surprised! It was perfect,” Sacramento said. Her boyfriend attends Da Vinci High School, so it was a surprise that he was at Davis High.

Sacramento would have been slightly disappointed if her boyfriend had asked her to prom in a generic way, “but not much, because I’m happy just being with him,” Sacramento said.

Junior Spencer Zenner originally asked his girlfriend casually if she would go to prom with him. “She said she’d still go to prom with me, but she’d think it was awesome if I did something special,” Zenner said.

Zenner’s friend helped him think of a new idea to ask his girlfriend to prom and then he tweaked it a bit. Zenner still hasn’t carried out his new plan, but will soon.

“I’m excited to see it play out,” Zenner said.

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