R-rated movies are there for a reason

By Nathan Woo,
HUB Correspondent–

Sex, violence, alcohol: All of these traits sums up the average R-rated movie.
Movies have been rated based on their appropriateness since 1968. These ratings include G for the general audience, PG for parental guidance for children and R for restricted for children under the age of 17. These settings were put in place for a reason, and they should stay the same.
When children are exposed to sexual content in movies, they are more likely to have sexual intercourse earlier and with more partners, according to a study done by Health Day news.
72 percent of R-rated movies contain sexual content, a large raise from previous years, and with the rise of sexual content in movies, the rise of teenagers having sexual intercourse has also increased.
With 40,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence viewed on average in movies and television shows per year, this makes teenagers more likely to be violent, shown in a study conducted by TV bloodbath.
Even adults succumb to being violent because of movies, shown by a man who called himself the Joker, and was charged for 24 acts of murder and 116 acts of attempted murder.
Researchers in Europe have found that children who watch drinking on television are more likely to binge drink later. Overall 27 percent of 16,500 people interviewed had been involved in binge drinking.
While people may say that you are allowed to see R-rated movies, you only need a parent or guardian; you are still able to see it. This is so that the parent or guardian can judge how inappropriate the movie is and decide to continue watching or leave, for they may think it is too inappropriate for their children.
R rated movies are not appropriate for teenagers under the age of 17. Everyone must help to keep teenagers and children away from these types of movies.

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