Varsity Women’s Basketball: Freshman becomes a front runner

Davis High's Anna Belenis shoots a free throw at Pioneer on Nov 28, 2012.COURTESY PHOTO: Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo
Davis High’s Anna Belenis shoots a free throw at Pioneer on Nov 28, 2012.
COURTESY PHOTO: Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo

By Micaela Everitt,

HUB Staff Writer–        

            As if being a freshman on varsity was not impressive enough, Anna Belenis, a ninth-grader at Emerson Junior High School, is one of the starters for the team. Belenis is one of only two freshmen on the Davis High women’s varsity basketball team.

The 5’ 3” freshman began her basketball career when she was three years old. Belenis played for the city league, the Wildcats, her junior high team, and now plays for the Davis High varsity team.

Belenis is proud of this accomplishment, but said, “It is also very intimidating.” According to Belenis, being one of youngest and newest members of the team can be daunting at times.

As of Dec. 13, the team is 6-1 in its season record. As a solid guard for the team, Belenis has been consistent on her assists throughout the season.

In the game on Dec. 5, Belenis made three straight assists to help the Blue Devils beat Inderkum High School.

As one of the younger members of the team, Belenis said, “I look up to a lot of players on the varsity team.”

She tries to gain as much knowledge as she can from her fellow players. “I hope to learn from their skills to add to my game,” Belenis said.

Although Belenis is on the listening and learning segment of her basketball career, one could expect to see the freshman becoming a star player by her graduating year in 2016.

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