Softball Strides to the Start

Yoga is part of the Davis High softball team's regular conditioning program, and is taught in the portables near the track.
Yoga is part of the Davis High softball team’s regular conditioning program, and is taught in the portables near the track.

By Kate Harris,

HUB Staff Writer–


As the second semester comes to an end, the women’s softball team is just starting to get hard to work, preparing for their spring 2013 season with conditioning. For their second year in a row, they are adding a one-hour session at the Fit House in Davis to their other weekly workouts.

The 25 girls are split into groups of 3 or 4 and given 8 workout stations to visit in the one-hour period. These stations cater to a softball player’s body: core strength and speed training.

“I like that we all get to work out together as a team and it makes us closer,” senior Tarah Kalinen said about the Fit House. This is Kalinen’s fourth year doing conditioning and playing high school softball.

Although the workouts are hard and leave the team exhausted, Kalinen believes that overall it’s for the best of the team.

JV coach Gary Bernauer agrees. “The Fit House is tremendous. It’s irreplaceable, especially because of the cross training. I think the team is bonding better than they have bonded in a lot of years.”

The team has to either succeed together, or fail together when it comes to the Fit House. If one person gives up, the rest of the team has to do some more sets. Together as a team, they are learning the value of pushing it to the limit, which should transfer to the field too.

There is more to the one day a week spent at the Fit House though. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the team meets up at the Davis High track to run or do yoga. The yoga is held in the portables by the track and is taught by Bernauer’s wife.

Team bonding is only part of the reason why the team conditions. Another part is, of course, to get in shape. Sophomore Dominique Sommer likes this part the best.

“I get to be in shape, and I get to feel better about going into this season healthy instead of lazy,” Sommer said.

As the women’s softball team hits the halfway mark in their conditioning, tryouts move closer, but conditioning is a good start to the season.

“Conditioning is going really well this year, I think that compared to last year and the years prior I think we are leaps and bounds from where we were before,” Bernauer said.

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