Women’s Basketball wins first league game

By Rana Eser

HUB Staff–

Davis High Women’s Basketball team took home a win at their first league game, Feb 19, allowing them to continue on. The devils beat Napa high school with a nail-biting score of 52-46, catching up to Napa at half-time and gaining the lead in the last quarter.

“We didn’t start out very strong, but we came through in the end,” player Katie Grahn said.

Teammate Caitlin Mazzoleni agrees with Grahn, “Yeah we definitely didn’t start out strong, but we finally figured it out at halftime and we played like our regular game for the rest of the game,” Mazzoleni said.

Overall Grahn believes the game went well. “We did what we had to do to come out on top,” Grahn said.

The team will be playing their next league game, Feb 21, against the Kennedy Cougars a team that obtained a high ranking in sections.

Grahn, who was on varsity last year, believes that this year they have improved a lot as a team, and the girls remain hopeful looking forward. However they acknowledge that the next game “will be a lot tougher.”

“But if we play like, the best game, we can definitely win,” Mazzoleni said.

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