Davis High lockdown lifted

Davis High experienced a lock down on Feb. 21 at around 10:55 am. At one point, four district schools were on lockdown: DHS, North Davis Elementary, King High and the Davis School for Independent Study. According to an email sent by district officials and Davis police to parents, that “at approximately 10:25 am, the Davis Police Department received a call from administrators at Davis Senior High School reporting a male subject possibly armed with a handgun north of the library parking lot,” which is located on the same block as DHS.

The male involved apparently held a BB gun, which he discarded before being met by police. Police eventually recovered the BB gun. The subject was accompanied by another person. According to police, the male who held the BB gun “is described as being in his late teens and not enrolled at any of the schools” placed on lockdown. Because the actual possession of a gun is not illegal, so long as the owner does not use it to harm or threaten others, no charges are being filed against the male or his companion.

Teachers read their students district-released information throughout the event while students shared information via twitter and texting.

Rumors were rampant, with students sharing unconfirmed stories that a gun was seen at the public library, the DHS library, or elsewhere on campus. School officials were unable to confirm any of the reports.

A message from the district at 11:51 announced the lockdown at DHS was over, with lockdowns at other schools lifted earlier.

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