Davis High girl lax perform well at annual Playday

Davis High senior Kylie Drexel suits up for Playday.
Davis High senior Kylie Drexel suits up for Playday.

By Natalie Silver,

HUB Staff Writer–

The Feb. 22 women’s varsity lacrosse Playday tournament, hosted by Davis High, was a testament to the “lax bro” culture: everything lax, all the time.

Girls in pennies and high socks from teams in Davis’s league came out for the all-day event. The tournament had an easygoing vibe because no scores were kept in the games.

“The point is to have teams be able to see what it is like to play, and to kind of ease into the season,” junior and second-year varsity player Elizabeth Leshuk said. “It’s a fun way for teams to see where they are at and what they need to work on in order to be successful in the season”

The Davis High team, which has 15 returning players on it, played four games and has high hopes for the upcoming season. Junior Chelsey Nickell said, “Even though no scores were official, we definitely won one game because we dominated them. The other games were really close and we barely lost to one of the best teams in the state.”

Last year, Davis High was ranked 19 in state and 91 nationally, and had a record of 17-5. Junior Em Cordier is confident that the team will have an even better season this year because most members of the team are returning, and because of that everybody is now more experienced.

“We’ve got some great ball handlers and we work well as a team because we all love the sport,” Cordier said. “Coach has high expectations for us, but I’m sure we will maker her proud because we all play with passion.”

The team’s next game will be at Las Lomas on March 5.


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