Davis v. Will C. Wood ends in a draw

In their second pre-season game, the DHS Varsity Women’s Soccer Team squared off against Will C. Wood, playing a strong match that ultimately ended up in a tie game when the buzzer sounded. The game, held on Thursday February 28th, began promptly at 7:00 pm at Yudin Field.

A strong defense by the DHS team made up of seniors Kylie Tierney, Megan Casey, and Jenna Farboud, as well as sophomores Olivia Haass and Renee Schuman, worked to prevent their opponents from scoring once throughout the night. The lady blue devils were left without a point at the end of the game despite a series of close shots, including multiple headers that fired up the crowd with excitement before missing the goal by a few inches.

The team is filled with younger faces this year than it is normally accustomed to, with a total of seven freshmen and sophomores being moved up from junior varsity to varsity. The head coach Sara Stone moved them up after they impressed her during try-outs.

Team captain and senior Jenna Farboud believes the team has potential to do great in the upcoming season, which will begin during spring break. She says that team needs to work on “offense and moving to open space when we are on the attack”.

The next pre-season game will be held next Tuesday, March 5th, also at Yudin Field, where the team will face-off against Rocklin beginning at 6:30 pm.

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