Spring Fling Preview

Kylie Dunn and Lara Vanderbilt put up a Spring Fling poster. The dance will begin after the men's lacrosse game on March 15.
Kylie Dunn and Lara Vanderbilt put up a Spring Fling poster. The dance will begin after the men’s lacrosse game on March 15.

By Kira Furie,

HUB Staff Writer–


Student Government is putting on the first ‘Spring Fling’ dance at 9:30 p.m. on March 15.

According to Committee Head Sara Pinto, there will be a candy bar with little dishes of different kinds of candies and a makeshift photo booth. Student Government members will take the pictures and post them on a Facebook page.

“The whole idea [is] that it’s a new thing,” junior Pinto said. She hopes that attendance will increase at this dance as a result of additional advertising.

Student Government has also input a video contest for the dance. People can submit a video of them asking someone to the dance to a Facebook page. Pinto and her committee will select one winner out of the three videos with the most likes.

Senior Daniel Dutulescu posted a video of him asking sophomore Eleanor Campbell to the spring fling. He made a poster saying “Would you like to fling with me in the spring?” and did spoken word in between playing beats on his harmonica. “It was like soul poetry,” Dutulescu said.

Campbell is excited for the dance because she thinks it will be better than junior prom. Both Dutulescu and Campbell think that there needs to be better music at this dance than at Junior Prom. “Otherwise we’ll tackle the DJ and make our own playlist,” Dutulescu said.

According to Campbell, more people will go to this dance because the tickets are more reasonable—$8 with ASB and $10 without.

Dutulescu is excited because he’s never been to a ‘Spring Fling’ before. “We didn’t have a Homecoming [dance]. We didn’t have a Break the Record Night [dance]. So this is like the dance,” he said.

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