Devils come out on the wrong side of double overtime thriller

By Ben Baek,

HUB Staff Writer–

The girls of the DHS women’s’ varsity lacrosse team had a grueling game against Monte Vista High School. In the game on March 13, the Blue Devils lost against the Monte Vista Mustangs 13-12 in a double-overtime sudden death in which the last point wins the game, even with extra time on the clock.

“It was just kind of a bummer because it was so close,” senior Kelly Chuck, who plays as a mid-fielder for the DHS team, said. The Blue Devils had gotten into an early lead of 6-3 by the second quarter, but the Mustangs recovered to tie the game with 11 points by the fourth, and later won in overtime.

In the third quarter which started 6-3 with the DHS team in the lead, the Mustangs came back suddenly with four consecutive goals scored in just a short period of just 10 minutes.

“We usually win whenever we have overtime just because of our tenacity, so it felt a bit unlucky to lose this one,” Chuck said. “We had all gotten pumped up to win the game so everyone was really disappointed.”

However, Junior Ally Weir, who plays as the goalkeeper of the DHS team, sees the bright side of the closely lost game. “It was really tiring but it showed us exactly what we need to work on,” she said. “We just changed to a new league and we’re playing all new teams, so we need to focus on adapting.”

At the end of the game when the DHS team jogged back to the team huddle, the coach had a few words for the girls: “We win as a team and we lose as a team, not as individuals.”


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