With badminton, Arciero finds love at first season

Courtesy of Salvo Images
Courtesy of Salvo Images

By Kate Harris,

HUB Staff Writer–

The birdie flies over the net and a racket, almost like an extension of the arm, swings swiftly for a direct hit. For some this can be difficult to achieve, but for senior Jenna Arciero it’s just another day at badminton practice.

This season is Arciero’s first playing for the badminton team, and so far she is glad that she started playing. She really enjoys it, and the badminton team has gone undefeated so far this season.

There are different aspects to badminton, especially during games. Most consist of playing in either singles or doubles against an opponent. Similar to volleyball, badminton has a best out of three rule, where you have to win two matches in order to win the game.

“I like playing doubles […] working with my partner and getting a good flow during the game,” Arciero said.

Arciero hadn’t played a competitive sport since junior high, but decided to try badminton this year. Although like every sport, badminton has its ups and downs, she thought it would exert less pressure compared to most other sports that Davis High School offers.

“When it got competitive it started not being as fun. So badminton, although it is a competitive sport, has a fun atmosphere,” Arciero said.

At practices they usually meet up outside of the big gym and wait for the coaches, then they set up nets and practice, learning new things and enjoying practice.

Arciero also participates in other activities besides badminton. She’s co-president of the Norwood 4-H, is involved in CSF and NHS, is a Davis Police Cadet and also works in a genetic lab.

“I research poplar trees and their woody development,” Arciero said. She plans on continuing her interest in genetics in college, and is currently looking at going to UC Davis for its genetics department.

As for badminton, she wants to continue that too, and plans on playing through college. “They do have badminton intramurals,” Arciero said, “so I think that would be a fun way to meet new people and stay active.”

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