Final round of dodgeball closes the season

By McKenzie Barlow,

HUB Staff Writer–

The DHS Dodgeball League had its final matchup between Team Fat Bee and Dynasty during lunch in the old gym on Wednesday. The last round of the bracket consisted of three dodgeball games, two of which Team Fat Bee won.

Team Dynasty won the last of the three games and might have tied with Team Fat Bee if the school bell hadn’t rung, announcing the end of lunch. The first game was the most unpredictable and exciting because senior Manny Guerrero was the only one left on Team Fat Bee but managed to win the game on his own.

Seniors Adam King and Jake Miille were the Dynasty captains and senior Kevin Sorenson was the Team Fat Bee captain.

“As captain, I need to inform the team of when our games are, work with other teams when we need to reschedule, and am the official voice of the team when we want to argue a call or debate,” King said.

Those who went to watch the finale of the tournament could be heard snickering and laughing because of how serious and intense the boys were about the game. Arguments seemed to erupt every five seconds.

“We get pretty riled up at points but that’s all part of the fun of the game. It shows we care about it! But yes there are times we get too competitive,” King said.

Some of the quarrels were mostly over whether someone was truely hit or not by one of the dodge balls, but others were over smaller things, like stepping over the boundary lines. There were so many complaints at one point that they decided to restart one of the games.

“We take it very seriously,” senior Jacob Muller admits.

King and Muller have been playing on the same team all three years of high school. “We’ve had a team since sophomore year […the team’s] pretty much been the same year to year with a few changes each year,” King said. “I started playing dodgeball because it is a lot of fun and a distraction from the stresses of school as well as a great way to spend time with friends,” Muller said.

Overall, the boys seemed to have a good time, despite the flare-ups during the game.

“I will miss the game a lot, it’s tons of fun and really entertaining, but I’m sure I’ll miss my teammates more,” King said. “We’re all really good friends which is what makes it so fun.”

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