How to Desperately Get a Date for Senior Ball in Less Than 24 Hours

By Pranav Trewn

HUB Staff,

For those of you who could not find your ideal last minute prom asking technique in the print edition of The HUB, here are four more:

7. “Take a Number”

What do you do when you need a roommate? You put up those “take a number if you are interested” fliers. Senior Ball is far less of a commitment than living together, so decorating the school in posters that describe your desire for a prom date could result fairly successfully. Guys aren’t the only desperate ones, and lonely females will be interested. Craigslist is also an option, but you are widening your net to a whole lot more “kinds” of individuals, who may or may not want the kind of prom experience you have in mind.

8. “Family Matters”

There is absolutely no shame in going with a sibling or cousin; in fact, it would probably much more fun than going with someone you hardly know. Pulling the whole “we are family” card will ensure you don’t get a no and it relieves much of the pressure of creating a “perfect night” for your date. Things will get awkward when you tag her in photos on Facebook and people see you share a last name, but who cares man, you are graduating in a month and won’t see any of these losers again, so who cares what they think. YOLO.

9. “Too Big to Fail”

This one is the best option for you hopeless romantics out there who are only prevented in your success by the fact you don’t know any girls. First you must find a large and crowded public space. Next come up with a huge spectacle that everyone will be able to see that writes the phrase “Prom?” followed by a common girl’s name (Mary or Ashley are always good choices). Suggestions for your spectacle include skywriting, cheerleaders or spray paint. Once you showcase this grand display, take credit for the gesture and point around the big crowd at every girl until one believes you are pointing at them. The largeness of your way of asking will ensure they cannot say no and they will see you as a Gatsby-esque, extravagant stranger who has been “wanting to get to know them forever.”

10. “Costs are Effective”

There exist many students who decide not to attend Senior Ball for reasons ranging from a lack of interest to an aversion towards putting in the effort. Many decide the dance is just too expensive for one night of possible fun, but these same people would often be happy to attend if someone else would foot the bill. If you have the means, you can always ask someone who was not planning on attending and buy everything they need to be ready for tomorrow night, whether it be transportation, attire or cosmetics. Do not think of it as “buying” your date, but rather giving someone the chance to attend Senior Ball who could not afford to. It is like you are doing them a favor, just keep thinking of it as that.

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  • March 22, 2016 at 2:28 PM

    this didn’t help me i still appear to have no date.

    thanks a lot,

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