Moment of silence for Thong Hy Huynh

By Aydan Prime

HUB Staff Writer–

During 4th period on Friday, DHS held a school wide moment of silence in remembrance of Vietnamese student Thong Hy Huynh. Huynh was stabbed and killed in the spring of 1983 by a group of white students at Davis High.

The Climate Committee, a group that works to promote and establish toleranceat DHS, puts on this memorial every year in an attempt to end bullying and discrimination.

According to Isabelle Chen, a member of the Climate Committee, it is important to have events like these in order to remind students of the serious consequences bullying can lead to, and to prevent  anything like it happening in the future.

“If everyone makes a conscious effort to not judge anyone else based on trivial things like race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., that will make a difference,” Chen said.

Climate Committee member and French teacher Lili Floyd believes that holding this memorial will encourage students not to harass or discriminate against others.

“It’s so easy to discriminate. People often have a lack of tolerance, and it’s really important that we examine ourselves and what we are thinking,” Floyd said.

Huynh’s murder reminds students how serious bullying can be, and teaches us not to discriminate. “Not everyone is as accepting as one would hope, and it will take a lot of effort to make others see that harassment is plain wrong,” Chen said.

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