Senior ditch day

By Jenna Plasterer,

HUB Staff Writer–

Looking around the Davis High campus today, the hallways appeared virtually empty and many desks were unoccupied. May 24th marked the annual unofficial senior holiday, senior ditch day, a long-standing tradition at DHS and other high schools around the U.S. that encourages seniors to ditch school and spend the day having fun.

DHS seemed to resemble a ghost town in comparison to its usually boisterous hallways. Seniors decided to embrace the ditch day tradition and spend their day avoiding the stresses of high school.

Senior Angelica Lopez decided to ditch school because she believes that senior ditch day offers a valuable chance to create memories.

“Senior ditch day is a good tradition because you get to hang out with friends, which you won’t get to do as often next year after we graduate,” Lopez said.

Others view senior ditch day as a chance to commemorate their time in school. Senior Malia Fujisawa considers Senior Ditch day a reward for the hard work that seniors put into school.

“Seniors get a day to celebrate their hard work through high school and celebrate there future plans,” Fujisawa said.

Even though it is a widely observed school tradition, some teachers offered incentives to go to school today by scheduled important assignments to be due or tests.

Senior Brigi Glass considers the idea of teachers scheduling important assignments on senior ditch day to be excessive.

“I’m pretty sure for a lot of kids this is the only day they are going to have the chance to ditch, but one or two teachers ruin it,” Glass said, “It’s just seniors ditching, not the whole school.”

For the seniors that decided to ditch today, many are spending time with friends around Davis or heading out of town to enjoy their day of freedom. Senior Ashley Gongora plans to spend the day with friends having fun.

“I’m going to have a bunch of my friends over at my house to hang out and maybe we’ll head to the lake,” Gongora said, “There’s no rules or regulation just a taste of the freedom were about to have.”

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