Graffiti ruins student murals

By Micaela Everitt

HUB Staff Writer–

Red and black graffiti stained the campus as students arrived at school this Tuesday morning.

White splotches coat the walls of Davis High School to hide the vandalism, but the spray paint has permanently scarred Yelda Eser’s mural painted one year ago. Eser said, “Vandalism is a whole other thing if you intrude on someone else’s hard work. I’ve never been so disappointed in humanity.”

Students have been reacting to the vandalism all morning. Sophomore Addison Neel, a member of the team that painted the mural on the Career Center, said, “It sucks because we spent so much time on it and to have someone spray paint away all of it is sad.”

Students have been empathetic to mural artists today. “I have received many condolences from some nice kids who have appreciated my mural- but this is disrespect at its finest,” Eser said.

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