Boy Scouts honor Memorial Day

Kyle Powell honors a veteran by planting a flag on a grave.
First Class Boy Scout Kyle Powell honors a veteran by planting a flag on a grave.

By Nathan Woo,

HUB Staff Writer–

“A day to remember the veterans who fought in wars and have given their lives to our beautiful country,” sophomore Ryan Bruch said.

Every year for Memorial and Veterans Day, many Boy Scouts flock to the Davis cemetery to honor all military personnel who died while serving the United States. The Boy Scouts set up flags on all of the veteran’s graves to honor the sacrifice they made for their country.

“I think it is a good feeling you get when you can see all the flags at the end. It is beautiful,” Bruch said. He explained that he attends the cemetery every Veterans and Memorial Day to honor the soldiers.

Bruch and many more Boy Scouts also participate in the ceremony of raising the flags of every division of the U.S. military. This tradition is very important to many veterans who come down every year to watch and to hold their heads high and proudly for the country they have fought for and their fallen comrades.

Superintendant of the cemetery Joseph Cattarin describes the Boy Scouts coming to the cemetery to set up flags as “a real asset.” He hopes to have everyone more familiar with Memorial and Veterans Day. The Boy Scouts help make Cattarin’s wish come true by coming biannually.

The tradition of having the Boy Scouts come to the cemetery has been around since the cemetery has existed. Cattarin ran it for 30 years and has really enjoyed it.

“Memorial day is a day when we remember and honor mainly veterans who have served the country before us, plus their family and friends,” Cattarin said, “that’s how we should remember it.”

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